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et al. \et-'ol\ abr [L] (bef. 12c) : (used especially after names) and other people or things (from 'et alii/alia')
et al. \et-'ol\ n [Amer] (2010) : a four piece American indie rock band

et al.: (from left) Josh Castillo, Seth S. Scott, and Sam Irons. Brandon Psomas not pictured, yet.

Vol. 1: Cutting Crutches now available

et al.'s first EP release has dropped and is available for previewing and purchasing on the group's Bandcamp page. Working with the age of the single, et al. is dedicated to producing affordable, accessible, and pleasing delivery methods for the ease of our listeners. Enjoy.

About the group

Members Josh Castillo (guitar and lead vocals), Seth S. Scott (keyboard and vocals), Sam Irons (drums), and newly acquired Brandon Psomas (bass and vocals) compose the indie rock and roll group from New Mexico.

In 2010, et al. began preforming in the Albuquerque area. With a unique modern sound, danceable beats, and inspiring lyrics, the group has taken hold of the American Southwest indie music scene.